An air receiver for every need

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High storage capacity

Longer compressor service life

Condensates separation

An air receiver for every need.

Suitable for all applications using compressed air, air receivers are used for several reasons. They can store high quantities of air to meet instant needs, they can also compensate the pressure variations and guarantee a stable air flow. The WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC air receivers are also designed to lower the risk of condensate formation. Small quantities of harmful water and oil residues (condensate), can be separated and collected. 3 types of receivers are available: painted, galvanized and vitroflex. The type is chosen according to the application. A galvanized receiver is protected against corrosion, while the vitroflex, with its interior lined with vitreous enamel, is more resistant against water and steam. Finally, the most commonly recommended receiver is the painted type, if not used in extreme climatic conditions.


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