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Among our ranges of piston compressors, from 2 to 20 hp, you will find the best piston compressor for your project, from occasional DIY to continuous professional use.

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A wide range of Worthington Creyssensac piston compressors 

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We have the right solution for you with our piston compressors! These compressors are suitable for very high pressures, they are very easy to use and provide you with high quality compressed air! 


How do they work? 
Worthington Creyssensac lubricated piston compressors have one or more cylinders with pistons driven by a motor. Atmospheric air is drawn in and compressed in one or more stages to operating pressure. After compression, the compressed air goes through an air cooler and is then stored in the air tank. 

For what type of needs?
Lubricated piston compressor is mainly designed for small compressed air requirements. These air compressors are designed to work intermittently.

What are the advantages?
Piston compressors are exceptionally reliable, they offer very high quality air and low oil consumption! On top of that, they fit in your workspace due to their small size and they allow you to make great savings!
✅ Low purchase costs ✅ Low service costs ✅ Simple control ✅Mobility

Note that the charge level of an air cooled pistons compressor cannot exceed 60 to 70%. After 2 minutes of compression, the compressor must rest for 1.5 minute. We recommend that you do not exceed 4 hours of compression in a day in total.

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