Rollair 300-850: Small Screw Compressors

Quiet, Powerful and Efficient

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Smart Investment

Invest on a top-quality machine and the future of your business

Lower Operating Costs

Enjoy lower operating costs with the Rollair 300-850

Energy Efficient

The Rollair 300-850 provides 12% lower energy consumption

There is no substitute for quality

Buying a Rollair 300-850 rotary screw compressor from Worthington Creyssensac is not just an investment in a top-quality machine. It is an investment in the future of your business.

The Rollair is an ideal starter compressor that lowers your operating costs. It is easy to use, works reliably and offers great flexibility in any production environment. It also supports your future growth and lays the foundation for an enduring partnership with the compressed air experts of Worthington Creyssensac. 

The Rollair 300-850 checks all the boxes Energy efficiency: 12% lower energy consumption ✓ Outstanding performance: Generates 15% more air ✓ Operating noise: As low as 61dB(A) ✓ Oil carry-over: Just 5 ppm ✓ Continuous operation: No need for disruptive cool-down periods ✓ Total cost of ownership: Lowers operating costs significantly ✓

Total Flexibility

We know that small businesses have unique needs, which is why we designed the Rollair 300-850 series with the utmost flexibility in mind.

-          Plug & play installation and easy operation allow non-experts to use the Rollair

-          An operating noise of as low as 61 dB(A) means you can set your Rollair up in more places and near the point of use

-          Because your Rollair can run 24/7, you have maximum flexibility with regard to when you use compressed air

-          Choice of floor-mounted or tank-mounted models

-          Various power sizes available from 2.2 to 7.5 kW

-          Many different options let you customize your Rollair to meet your specific requirements

The ideal starter compressor

Not every business has a compressed air expert, which is why we made the Rollair especially simple to operate and maintain. Here is what that means:

-          The Infologic2 Basic makes the Rollair supremely easy to use

-          One-person installation and setup

-          Service indications and visual alerts allow inexperienced operators to keep their compressor in optimal working order

-          Removable panel for easy service

The Rollair 300-850 outperforms piston compressors

While pistons are often the automatic choice for smaller compressors, the Rollair 300-850 delivers compelling benefits for growing businesses. It offers longer working hours, a quieter operation, cleaner air, and a lower cost of ownership. For example, pistons are typically 20 decibels louder and produce about 6 times more oil content than the Rollair. What is more, piston compressors need cool-down periods, which makes them ill-suited for (almost) continuous use.  

A True Partner

Your Rollair 300-850 will be your reliable workshop and production partner for many years to come. But we do not want to just sell you a compressor. We see our role as your partner, and our goal is to assist you with our compressed air expertise whenever you need it. So contact us today. We’re always happy to help!

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