The simplicity you ask for

Easy installation
Optimized operation
Simple maintenance

The flexibility you are looking for

Several models
Large scope of options
Wide range of solutions

The energy efficiency you need

High quality component
Minimized pressure drops

Compressed air solution with 180hp and 220hp motor powers

ROLLAIR 180-220 lubricated screw compressors feature the latest technological improvements on research and development activities to help find optimal productivity. Reliability, accessibility and robustness are reflective of qualities of the dedicated range for industry.

Cooling ensured by self-regulated turbines offers an unbeatable thermal stability and contributes further to produce additional energy savings.

Compressors feature AIRLOGIC graphic controller.

Air flow: from 1011 to 1717 m³/h
Maximum pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar

Available versions in this range:
- A 7.5 bar version
- 8 8 bar version
- B 10 bar version
- C 13 bar version

Available versions in this range:
- Internal centrifugal separator
- Automatic drain on centrifugal separator
- Filter panels
- Energy recovery system
- Oil preheating
- Water cooling
- 230 V voltage
- Icons:remote connection for information transfer
- 4000h oil
- 8000h oil (series with energy recovery option)
- Edible oil