The most innovative compressed air solution delivering a power of 30 to 50 hp : ROLLAIR 30-50E

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The highest efficiency on the market

IP55 engine, class F, IE3 efficiency Efficient transmission method Specifically designed compression method

Energy savings

Reduced energy consumption costs Temperature monitoring regulated fan Lower exploitation costs

Leading the innovation

Energy recuperation as an option Maximum ventilation and super-sized cooler Aspiration vent equipped with filtering panels

The most innovative compressed air solution delivering a power of 30 to 50 hp

The ROLLAIR 30-50E fixed-speed rotary-screw compressors are the result of a continuous investment in research and development, a pure concentrate of technology able to meet all the requirements for industrial and Automotivee applications. With their design and soundproofing, the compressors work very silently and can be installed near the workstation. Efficient and reliable, they take advantage of the direct drive technology that greatly reduce the energy consumption compared to the belt drive technology. The standard version of these compressors is fitted with the INFOLOGIC² controller, which will control, protect and monitor the compressed air production plant. Air flow: from 175 to 374 m³/h Max. pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar Available versions in this range: - A version 7.5 bar - 8.5 version 8.5 bar - B version 10 bar - C version 13 bar - T version with integrated refrigeration dryer Available options in this range: - AIRLOGIC² controller - Internal centrifugal separator - Automatic purge on the centrifugal separator - Filter panels - Energy recovery system - Housing heating - 230 V voltage - Icons: remote connection for information reports - Eco6i (with AIRLOGIC²): to link several compressors - 4000 h oil - 8000 h oil - Edible oil