Rollair 151 - 220 V PM

The oil-injected screw compressor that gives you the reliability and cost-efficiency you are looking for

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Superior build

The new Rollair compressors guarantee reliable operations, even in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C. The compressor is designed with maintenance-free components ensuring higher uptime and productivity.

Low cost of ownership

You can gain up to 45% energy savings with the Rollair 40-50 V PM’s IE4 iPM motor. Did you know that the new Rollair has on average a 30% smaller footprint than most competitors?

Compact and quiet

The Rollair 40-50 V PM can be placed in a compressor room or directly on your production floor. Thanks to the compact design and low noise levels, the compressor can be placed anywhere you like.

ROLLAIR 151-220 V PM iPM rotary screw compressors

Your compressor powers your entire production, or at least a significant part. You simply can’t afford an air system that doesn’t work for you. The Worthington Creyssensac’s Rollair 151-220 V PM deliver the reliable and cost-efficient performance that will give you that necessary peace of mind. Thanks to the Rollair 151-220 V PM ’s iPM technology, you even enjoy unrivaled energy savings.

The ultimate industrial screw compressor


The ROLLAIR 151 - 220 V PM excels in all the criteria that matter most for industrial rotary screw compressors: cost-efficiency, reliability, low noise and a compact build. A range of options is available to tailor the ROLLAIR to your needs, including a fully integrated dryer for high-quality air. In addition, Worthington Creyssensac can take responsibility for your entire air system, from the compressor itself to air treatment, storage and distribution solutions.

iPM for major energy savings

Energy takes up more than 70% of the cost of owning and operating a compressor. Worthington Creyssensac’s iPM technology was developed to give you significant energy savings. While traditional compressors only have one speed (100% on), iPM compressors adjust their motor speed to follow the fluctuating air demand that most production environments have. As a result, the Rollair 150-220 V PM delivers up to 45% energy savings. That means you can earn back your choice for the Rollair 150-220 V PM in just one to two years. How’s that for a financial no-brainer?

Technical specifications

    MAX FAD 7 bar MAX FAD 8.5 bar MAX FAD 10 bar Motor Power Noise Weight Dimensions
Model Working Pressure m3 /h l/s cfm m3 /h l/s cfm m3 /h l/s cfm KW HP Db kg length width height
Rollair 150V PM 4-10 bar 1415 393 833 1282 356.2 755 1194 331.5 702 110 150 77 2510 2874 1754 1982
Rollair 180V PM 1675 465.4 986 1534 426.2 903 1436 399 845 132 180 77 2560
Rollair 220V PM 1987 551.8 1169 1832 509 1078 1737 482.6 1022 160 220 78 2650