The compressed air solution meets the highest standards: ROLLAIR 180–240E V

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High technology design

High performant motor Optimal control system


Easy to install Optimized usage Easy maintenance

Energy efficiency

Reduced energy consumption costs

The compressed air solution that will meet the highest standards: ROLLAIR 180–240E V

The top of the line gear driven rotary-screw compressors Rollair 180V-240V range Worthington Creyssensac has been developed to meet the highest requirements around the world. This range comprises two variable-speed models, 180 and 240. Thanks to their solid design, their leading-edge transmission and their variable speed fans, they offer an excellent combination of performance/reliability. The advanced smart control system is here to manage the compressor. Moreover, the variable-speed rotary-screw compressors are equipped with two small frequency drives instead of a single large one, which makes them easier to maintain and allow a better work load balance on the drive.