High quality compressed air for industrial applications requiring high power : ROLLAIR 180DV–340DV

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Power up to 340 hp

Accessible variable speed even for high power demands

Low transmission loss

Direct drive technology


Thanks to variable speed, integrated energy recovery is an option

ROLLAIR 180DV–340DV: high quality compressed air for industrial applications requiring high power.

These screw compressor solutions have a superior efficiency due to in-house designed compression elements. Intelligent control with precise pressure control and intelligent unload cycle control Ultimate reliability as it’s designed for harsh conditions and ambient temperatures up to 46°C. Standard enclosed intake filter & In-house designed oil separator vessel which provides long lifetime thanks to cast iron parts. Separate oil and air coolers for high quality cooling, high reliability and longer lifetime Improved motor cooling. Redial fan ensures low noise levels. For the right application, variable speed technology, such as on the Rollair DV variable frequency drive compressor, can cut the energy consumption of your compressor by up to 35%. The Rollair DV reduces energy consumption in the following ways: The variable frequency drive compressor matches air supply with demand therefore reducing energy consumption when the demand is lower. No unload cycles above 20% load. No peak current due to soft start.