Energetic audit - Quality

Over time, it's not unusual that the compressor room’s performance deteriorates due to an inadequate maintenance or technology upgrading. It’s recommended to realize each 5 years a detailed audit about air consumption, pressure, dew point but also about ventilation, air leaks, treatment of industrial discharges, etc… The audit, realized by a compressed air professional trained by WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC, bring recommendations allowing an improvement of the performances, a lower energy consumption, and finally in savings of money. The audit is organized according to several parts like: - Measurement, the installation analysis and the proposition of adapted solutions; - The soft including plant energetic study, plant load losses study, consumption analysis of 7 days and compressed air system optimization; - Air leaks detection and mesure; - Air consumption analysis (The technician is able to calculate the cost and the economic potential of the plant); - Optimisation wich corresponds to recommendations allowing preservation and improvement of plant’s efficacity; - The synthesis and conclusions by the distribution of a documented report.

A precise and detailed audit

Skilled professional

Optimisation of equipment