Connectivity – ICONS

ICONS is THE connectivity solution that improves the machines reliability and offers high operational efficiency. This smart connectivity system is a WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC exclusive, available for the rotary-screw compressors of the ROLLAIR 40-150E range. ICONS is also adaptable and can be added to the ROLLAIR compressors equipped with the following controllers: Infologic, Infologic 2 and Airlogic, Airlogic 2. This solution offers real time monitoringallowing to be always updated on the machines status, and allowing you to develop new business opportunities. With ICONS, machine failures and production interruption are nearly completely eliminated thanks to the monitoringalerts that allow you to act quickly before a breakdown occurs. ICONS put all the compressor rooms in reach of a mobile phone, an email box or a computer screen; from every corner of the factory, but also from anywhere in the world.

Increase of machines reliability

Operational efficiency

Machines failures completely eliminated