Easy maintenance

Direct drive (without belt)
Maintenance rarely necessary

Optimum lifespan

Cooling system for maximum performance
Low temperature

A wide choice of options

Two different power supply types
Choice in tank capacity

The compressed air solution for industries from 2 to 10 hp

The wide range of products and performances available allows us to offer cost-effective solutions for the vast majority of the compressed air needs of the industry.
The BL-BH-BJ-BK range of industrial compressors constitute a reliable and autonomous energy source for the machines and factories using compressed air :
- For the most extreme working conditions in professional and industrial applications.
- For intensive work in the most extreme conditions.

Air flow: from 11.1 to 57.6 m³/h
Max. pressure: from 10 to 15 bar

Available versions in this range:
- 230V power supply
- 400V power supply
- 50 to 500 liters tank

Available options in this range:
- Pressure switch (depending on the product)
- High performances air inlet filter (depending on the product)
- Star-triangle start (depending on the product)
- Rubber silent blocs (depending on the product)
- Electronic condensate purging (depending on the product)
- Galvanized tank (depending on the product)
- Double pressure switches (depending on the product)