The highest efficiency on the market

Compressor components designed and manufactured in our factories
Geared drive transmission
High performances motors, IP55, class F, IE3 efficiency

Smarter to increase profitability

User-friendly color screen controller
Accurate pressure control
Smart control of on-load cycles

Operational simplicity

Modular design
Maintenance plans tracked by the controller
Exceptionally easy maintenance

The most versatile compressed air solution delivering a power of 40 to 150 hp

The fixed-speed rotary-screw compressors ROLLAIR 40-150E are especially designed to be used in industrial applications.
The result of many years of experience and innovation, this range is a technology product of WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC’s know-how.
The compressors feature the colors graphic controller AIRLOGIC².

Air flow: from 236 to 1238 m³/h
Max. pressure: from 7.5 to 13 bar

Available versions in this range:
- 7.5 version 7.5 bar
- 8.5 version 8 bar
- 10 version 10 bar
- 13 version 13 bar
- T version with integrated refrigeration dryer (RLR 40 to 100E)
- E: Double offer on the 100 hp version

Available options in this range (depending on the power):
- Internal water separator (standard for RLR 40-50- 60)
- Automatic purge on the centrifugal separator
- Dust proofing filtering panels (standard for RLR 40-50- 60)
- Energy recovery system
- Oil pre-heating (thermal monitoring for RLR 40-50- 60)
- Water cooled (except for RLR 40-50- 60)
- 230 V voltage
- Icons: remote connection for information reports
- Eco6i: to link several compressors
- 4000 h oil
- 8000 h oil (standard for the series with energy recovery option)
- Food grade oil