DWVS Refrigerant Dryer Customer Benefits

Quality Without Compromises: The New DWVS Refrigerant Dryer from Worthington Creyssensac

DWVS Ghost topview
By removing moisture from compressed air, refrigerant dryers add a lot of value to air networks. They not only protect downstream equipment from corrosion but also ensure that your final products are free from contamination. The result is a reduced need for maintenance, less production downtime and pneumatic tools that last longer. And, by integrating the energy efficient variable speed drive (VSD) technology, the latest refrigerant dryers from Worthington Creyssensac quickly pay for themselves. That has not always been the case. Traditional fixed-speed refrigerant dryers tend to be extremely inefficient because they operate only at full speed – regardless of the output that is needed. That not only increases a company’s electric bill but also its carbon footprint. Now, thanks to the DWVS refrigerant dryer from Worthington Creyssensac, companies that need superior compressed air can have it all. It not only offers unparalleled energy savings but also boosts production quality and reliability, is environmentally friendly, features a compact frame and offers an extremely low cost of ownership.

Raising the Bar

The DWVS uses VSD technology to adapt its compressor motor speed to the air demand. As opposed to a standard refrigerant dryer, it does not go full power as soon as it is turned on. Instead, the DWVS only consumes the amount of energy required at any time. This innovative technology allows it to achieve energy savings of up to 60% while maintaining a consistently high air quality.

And, because energy costs constitute a major share of the total cost of ownership of a refrigerant dryer, the savings quickly add up. So quickly, in fact, that a DWVS refrigerant dryer will often pay for itself in as little as 18 months. 

Outstanding Production Quality and Reliability

The new VSD dryer from Worthington Creyssensac not only delivers unmatched energy savings but also high-quality air. It consistently supplies Class 4 purity air – even in ambient temperatures of up to 46°C. Furthermore, its low dew point – and as a result also top-quality air – is available as soon as it is turned on because it never operates below 20%. This type of consistent performance further enhances your production quality and reliability.

This consistency is a vast improvement over thermal mass refrigerant dryers, which were introduced to make dryers more energy efficient. To achieve that goal, they run at full speed only long enough to cool a thermal mass, which then helps dry the compressed air while the dryer switches off. However, this is not an ideal solution because the thermal mass immediately starts to warm up again, the dew point increases and the air quality suffers. In fact, the compressed air supplied by a thermal mass dryer may vary by up to two purity classes, which makes a big difference with regard to your production quality and reliability.

A Win for the Environment

DWVS dryers do not just help companies operate more efficiently, they also contribute to a reduction in emissions. Compared to their competitors, the improved energy efficiency of the new VSD dryers results in a much lower TEWI-score (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) and a significantly decreased carbon footprint. 

As a result, the DWVS helps companies achieve more ambitious climate goals and allows them to do their part for a cleaner environment.

Amazingly, Worthington Creyssensac even managed to pack all of this technology into a small frame that takes up less space on the shop floor. It’s just one more feature that shows that you really can’t go wrong with a DWVS.