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Values, Culture & Vision

Within a large international industrial group, Worthington Creyssensac has simple and clear values. We want to offer a quality service, respectful of both our employees and our customers. Your first day with us is the beginning of a new exciting and rewarding adventure! At Worthington Creyssensac, we offer our employees the opportunity to develop, grow and evolve! Worthington Creyssensac wants to offer you a wide range of opportunities in compressed air. You will work with diverse and international teams! Our goal is to offer you many empowering missions to help you grow!

Women in our workforce

We have set a target of 30% more women in our workforce by 2030!

2% of disabled workers

Our company is committed to integrating 2% of disabled workers in our teams by 2025!


We are committed to the employability of young people. Every year, we reach a target of 5% of students in our workforce.

Be an actor in your evolution

At Worthington Creyssensac, we train our employees

Training is at the heart of the ambition of Worthington Creyssenac. We have our own E-learning platform, allowing our employees to train at any time and to develop their personal and professional skills.

Every year, we encourage our employees in their continuous training. In 2021, we organized a training week, the "Learning Week". Each day, we allowed our employees to train for 1 hour on one of the behaviors expected in our group: Improve Business | Results Commit to Substainable Growth | Focus on Team Success | Drive Customer Success | Lead Myself

Professional promotion and internal mobility

With an international presence, Worthington Creyssensac is able to satisfy your desire for internal mobility, whether it be a change of profession or geographical location. We have an internal platform that gives employees visibility on job opportunities within our group. Thus, we offer them the opportunity to live new and great adventures, develop their network and boost their career.

Well-being at work

At Worthington Creyssensac, we care for our employees

Worthington Creyssensac well-being of our employees - yoga activity
We want our collaborators fo find a balance between their private and professional life. We truly encourage our teams to establish a healthy, flexible and empowering work culture to make sure everyone feels included and comfortable. In addition to this, the (mental) health and the well-being of our employees are crucial. This is why we have instaured high standards for a safe workplace, both for our sedentary and itinerant. We encourage them to adopt a healthy and dynamic lifestyle. We often propose activities such as Yoga or relaxtion therapy for their well-being and development! On top of that, we do everything we can to make our employees' lives easier : home office, flexible working hours, warm and pleasant offices, etc.



Meet our colleagues

A rich and diverse team

At Worthington Creyssensac we believe that diversity is the foundation of our success! We recruit people from all walks of life and of all ages. We put people at the center of our priorities because we know that each of you has something to bring us. You want to join our teams and live new and enriching experiences? Check out our job offers!

Testimony - employee - Worthington Creyssensac career page
Tatiana, Technical Sales Engineer

❝I'm a top-level sportswoman. Before joining the company, I didn't know anything about compressed air. I wanted to try new experiences and Worthington Creyssensac gave me my chance!

Women as leaders

At Worthington Creyssensac, we have decided to trust both men and women. Indeed, several of our managers are women and this is only the beginning! They are persistent and talented! Have a look at their testimonies!

Nathalie, Human Resources Manager

❝I joined the teams in 2014. With a background in law and psychology, I have held various positions in this field and in several business sectors. I am proud to work in a group with human values that offers great career opportunities to women.