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We serve the Automotive Industry

From tire inflation to paint pulverization on bodywork, the automotive industry makes everyday use of compressed air. This usage must be characterized by low exploitation costs, flawless performance and air quality. Integral part of the vehicle manufacturing process, Worthington Creyssensac's compressed air equipment is reliable, robust, efficient and bring value to you to allow roduction of the highest quality. 

Worthington Creyssensac offers you low exploitation costs, high performance machines,  and extreme reliability !

and the Transport Industry!

With technologies always on the cutting edge of innovation, we invest each day to develop future technologies, and thus to ensure a supply of constant and reliable quality of air, essential in transportation applications Worthington Creyssensac industrial rotary-screw compressors and all the air treatment solutions meet the specific compressed air requirements with all the current environmental concerns and for optimum energy efficiency. 

Worthington Creyssensac is on the cutting edge of innovation! We offer you optimum energy efficiency, constant and reliable quality! Entrust us with your project!

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