Energy Box

Suitable for all applications using compressed air, especially for industries using hot water in their production.

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EnergyBox - the solution that allows you to recover energy while improving your productivity

The out of the box solution to produce free hot water for different applications!

An energy recovery system. Simply put, the Energy Box reuses captured energy. The value of this immediately shows up in huge cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions to the environment

4 sizes available

Free hot water production  | Money saving | Reduction of CO2 emission

For all applications using compressed air and hot water


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Know more about our Energy Box

What is it and do I need it?

The Energy Box is a compact, space-saving unit, installed between the compressor and your heating circuit. The modular design guarantees easy installation and perfect integration.

You definitly need it, especially if you want to save money! Our Energy Box is an energy recovery system that allows you to make great savings. Thanks to it, you will be able to produce free hot water.

An efficient solution to make huge savings

Air compressors are big consumers of energy. In fact, over the lifetime of a compressor, energy consumption typically represents 80% of its total cost of ownership. That’s why recovering the compressor’s energy means saving money. The way to achieve this is by harnessing the compression heat. Even the most efficient compressor transforms up to 94% of the electric energy into heat. A large part of this heat is released into the atmosphere via the compressor’s cooling system. With the Energy Box, you can recover up to 80% of this valuable thermal energy. Most of compressed air installations are compatible with this energy recovery system, that is also compact and easy to install.