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Worthington Creyssensac offers you a wide range of oil-free compressors for the highest quality clean oil-free air!

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A wide range of oil-free compressors 

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Worthington Creyssensac, it's more than 80 years of experience and know-how! We know that oil-free air is absolutely essential to a variety of industries this is why we want to offer you the best technologies. On top of that, our planet will thank you for the oil-free compressors and the clean air they produce!

Oil-free air compressors have been specially designed for applications requiring 100% clean and pure compressed air. Thus, your production will benefit from a superior air quality!

How do they work? 
Oil free compressors are air compressors that produce 100% clean air. They operate without oil in the lubricating chamber, which eliminates the chance of contamination. They utilize other types of technology, such as water.

For what type of needs?
Many sectors of the industry (pharmaceutical, food, electronic, textile) cannot take the risk of having oil contaminants enter their processes or products. For this reason, Worthington Creyssensac proposes you a technology that excludes any chance of contamination! Thus, they are mainly designed for industries that require unquestionably clean air, without any trace of oil, aerosol or other contaminants.

What are the advantages?
Worthington Creyssensac's oil-free compressors offer you many advantages. Because the purity of compressed air is essential in many sectors, we propose you the best technologies. Our oil-free air compressors are certified Class 0, in accordance with the ISO standard. With the highest levels of air quality, our compressors guarantee you contaminant-free and risk-free operations.

✅Class Zero Oil-free ✅Environmentally friendly✅ISO certified technology ✅ Low operating costs

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