Rollair 300-1900 & Rollair 300-850 V (3 to 20 HP)

The complete compressed air solution for small companies. Made your choices between veriable speed drive (VSD) and fixed-speed technology.

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screw compressor Rollair 1400

Rollair 300-1900 & 300-850 V rotary-screw compressors offer the smallest available solution on the market from as low as 3 hp! The technology comes from Worthinton Creyssensac experience on the field and allows for 100 % continuous duty. 


You can choose a screw compressor from 3 to 20 hp. We offer you VSD technology and fixed-speed technology available. 

Floor mounted | Tank mounted | Tank mounted with dryer

Low investment cost on installation  | Available for VSD technology in 2-7kw | Low noise levels between 57 and 71 dB(A) | Easy to maintain | Easy to use |  Infologic² connect controller | Efficiency | Compact

Small workshop & Small-scale production |
Wine & Viticulture | Electronic Industry | Livestock & Agriculture


Download the documentation of the fixed-speed compressor

Download the documentation of the veriable-speed compressor

Know more about our Rollair 300-1900 & Rollair 300-850 V

The range that meets all your requirements

The Rollair 300-1900 & Rollair 300-850 V range offers you efficient, reliable and complete solution designed to fit your precise requirements. We've designed a perfect solution to fulfill your air demand!

The Rollair 300-850 V is reliable, efficient and quiet, thanks to its variable speed drive technology. It is available in 2.2-7.5 kW sizes. Its low noise emissions, outstanding reliability, and easy operation make the Rollair 300-850 V the optimal entry-level compressor.  With their highly efficient VSD drives, the Rollair 700 and 850 V provide up to 30% energy savings compared to fixed-speed compressors

Choosing Worthington Creyssensac compressors gives you peace of mind! They optimize your operations thanks to our infologic² connect controller and offer you high quality air!