Rollair 270E-420 (270 to 420 HP)

The Rollair 270E–420 screw compressors provide high-quality compressed air for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Rollair 270E-420 compressor worthington creyssensac

The Rollair 270E-420 range is designed and manufactured to allow industries to produce more during their business hours. These compressors are the guarantee of trouble-free operation!

A screw compressor from 270 to 420 hp

Exists in Fixed and Variable speed


Low operational costs | Efficiency |
Easy to use | Intelligent control | Great serviceability

Heavy Industries (Energy, Food etc)


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The compressed air solution for maximum productivity

Our 270E-420 compressors range will provide you high-quality compressed air! They are equipped with high efficiency motors for even more productivity and cost savings! Indeed, did you know that energy costs represent about 70% of of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period? That's why reducing the energy consumption of our compressed air installation should be a major focus!

On top of that, they have a cooling module, an element and drive train, a standard enclosed intake filter, a separate inverter cubicle and much more to make sure you maximize your production ensure excellent compressed air quality!