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A leasing solution for all industries using compressed air.

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Rental compressed air solutions

ACCESS : peace of mind and cost savings!

Worthington Creyssensac offers rental solutions for every industry and application. We offer a wide range of compressors that can provide large volumes of compressed air on demand for short or long term projects. Discover ACCESS, your new leasing solution.

It is a reliable and fast service! The rent of compressed air goes hand in hand with a high quality service, in order to answer your needs. We support you, 7 days a week to ensure the smooth running of your projects.

  • No need to invest in a compressor
  • You no longer have to take care of the maintenance of the compressor 
  • You now pay for the use and not for the purchase 
  • If your production changes, it is easy to adapt your compressed air system
  • Just like water, electricity or data services, compressed air is now available as a resource

What should you do?

1st step ACCESS Worthington Creyssensac

Get in contact with your Worthington Creyssensac vendor

2nd step ACCESS Worthington Creyssensac

Determine your needs and set up the contract

3rd step ACCESS Worthington Creyssensac

Pay the monthly or quarterly subscription fee and enjoy your compressed air

If your consumption changes, it is very simple!  You only have to contact the seller again to adapt!