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45% energy savings with our PM compressors

Rollair 40 Worthington Creyssensac screw compressor
We've created environmentally friendly and economic compressors. The production of compressed air requires a lot of energy. In fact, energy management accounts for more than 70% of the operating and owning costs. As a result, our Rollair PM's superior efficiency offers significant savings and improved profitability. The PM motor is oil cooled, which provides greater reliability and allows you to capture more heat, thus increasing your energy savings when the compressor is equipped with an energy recovery system.
Energy saving
Here are some advantages : The lowest total cost of ownership on the market Save up to €35,000 over five years compared to compared to other compressors currently on the on the market

ECONtrol 6 : intelligent system to help you save money and energy

On top of that, our PM compressors are equipped with ECOntrol 6. It is a central controller system that will not only increase the performance of the compressed air network, but omptimize energy by matching the air supply to your needs. Thanks to it, you can obtain great energy and cost savings! 

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Let's act together! Find here our environmentally friendly compressors, and our environmental solutions. We want to developp in the right way and we know that you do too. Environment protection is an integral part of our missions!