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Water and Waste Treatment Industry

We manufacture the most renowned family of compressed air products on the market in the waste and water management industries.

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Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment, be it waste water or drinking water, has different needs for oil-free compressed air. For desalinization or waste water disposal, a solution must be used to get healthy and efficient results free of any polluting agents. Easy maintenance, efficiency and low costs are sought after to obtain flawless water quality after treatment. Worthington Creyssensac created a family of oil-free compressors in order to comply with the various legal requirements. This family of products has a wide choice of solutions able to help produce water which is pollutant free, and healthy. Product recommendation: - screw compressors - air treatment - oil free compressor

If you are looking for low cost solutions, easy maintenance and quality air compressors, choose Worthington Creyssensac!

Waste Management Industry

Recycling is essential to preserve our environment. Waste management follows a long and strict process in which compressed air plays a vital role. Good air quality is essential to the success of this process. Every application field needs specific equipment. To allow an optimal waste management, Worthington Creyssensac offers its family of rotary-screw compressors, which is reliable, cost saving and efficient. Product recommendation: - screw compressors  - air treatment products

For an ease of processing, an optimal air quality and cost saving solutions, you are at the right address! 

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