Optimized maintenance

Products offered by WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC are efficient and qualitative in order to meet the strictest and most specified needs of its customers. Any equipment contains high quality components. Equipment is subjected to strict test criteria which result in an increased lifetime, reduced maintenance and intervention that is more extensive in time. The quality of components makes it possible to guarantee reliable operation and will not affect the warranty of the appliance, contrary to other parts. WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC also establishes the “Manufacturer original parts” service. “Original part” is an identification that confirms components met our strict test criteria. All parts are adapted and approved for operation on the specified compressor. They were carefully tested in order to achieve the highest level of protection, increasing the lifetime of compressors, and to keep ownership cost to an absolute minimum. There is no compromise concerning reliability.

Totally reliable

A more significant compressor lifetime

Reduced maintenance and interventions