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Find the best screw compressor for your project with Worthington Creyssensac, from 3 to 420 HP.

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A wide range of Worthington Creyssensac screw compressors

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We know how important it is to find the right screw compressor for your production. Our screw compressors are available over a very broad power range, from a small footprint to fit in every workshop towards much larger applications.


Worthington Creyssensac's screw compessors are known for their reliability, making them ideal for industrial applications and large compressed air requirements. Screw compressors have a lot to offer you : 

They are extremly performant: they can operate in challenging conditions and at extreme temperatures. 
They are easy to maintain: some of these machines have up to 70% less parts which can result in lower maintenance costs. 
They are energy efficient: they generate less heat which means that less water is created during air compression. It will be easier to remove.
They are reliable : its design ensures it will provide efficiency for years to come.