Rollair 151-220 (150-220 HP)

Expect the best for your industry with our Rollair 151-220 screw compressor.

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Premium compressed air with Worthington Creyssensac

Rollair 151-220 compressor worthington creyssensac left side

The Rollair 151-220 hp screw compressors from Worthington Creyssensac check all the boxes that matter most for industrial compressors: our range dependably delivers premium-quality air at the lowest cost of ownership for a reliable, greener production!

A screw compressor from 150 to 220 hp

Exists in Fixed or Variable speed and iPM motor 


A win for the environment | Innovative components |
 Reliability | Sophistication made to last | Cost-effective

Industrial productions | Automotive industry | Electronic industry |
Military industry | Pharmaceutical industry | Energy


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Meet the future of industrial air compression

The Worthington Creyssensac Rollair 151-220 series never misses a beat, producing the quality air that keeps your production going with maximum efficiency.  

Expect the best with our compressors equipped with the best technologies! But at Worthington, we always want to go further! We offer a wide range of options: 

  • Energy recovery
  • High efficiency pre-filtration
  • Hood heating
  • Food-grade oil
  • and much more!

Go further

If you think our Rollair 151-220 screw compressors (variable/fixed speed) may not be the ideal solution for your specific needs, then take a look at the other model that complete the series: The Rollair 151-220 V PM compressors which offers you even more efficiency, great energy savings and obviously great compressed air quality!

Technical specifications  
Installed motor power 111 kW - 160 kW / 151 - 220 HP
Working pressure 4-10, 7 - 13 Bar
Capacity FAD 251.9-551.8 l/s
Noise level 77-78 Db

The most versatile compressed air solution