Oil-injected screw compressor

Rollair 151 - 220 HP

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A win for the environment

Another benefit of the energy efficiency of the Rollair 151VPM-220VPM iPM is its reduced emissions, which contribute to a greener production and a smaller carbon footprint. And because the amount of electric power required to generate compressed air totals about 10% of all energy used in the industrial sector, a Rollair 151VPM-220VPM can make a real contribution to a cleaner environment.

Innovative components provide excellent reliability

The entire Rollair 151-220 range from Worthington Creyssensac not only features the new screw element but also an easy-to-service inlet system as well as a completely built-in water separator. These innovative components make sure you have everything you need for the efficient and reliable generation of industrial compressed air.

Sophistication made to last

The Rollair 151-220 compressor range from Worthington Creyssensac is not just smart, but also extremely robust. All three models were designed to work reliably in even the toughest and hottest conditions. They feature maintenance-free components to increase uptimes and an IP66-rated drive train that completely protects them from dust and water.

Meet the future of industrial air compression

The efficiency of the Rollair 151VPM-220VPM iPM is unrivaled for two reasons: First, it is equipped with an innovative iPM motor with integrated direct drive transmission. The speed of the motor, which equals IE4 standards, adjusts to match your fluctuating air demand. In addition, the Rollair 151VPM-220VPM iPM features a new screw element that was developed in-house and significantly boosts the efficiency and free air delivery of the compressor.

Together, this powerful combination can achieve energy savings of up to 45%.

These savings quickly add up over the lifetime of a compressor. That is why the low Total Cost of Ownership of the Rollair 151VPM-220VPM will greatly benefit your bottom line compared to compressors relying on conventional fixed-speed technology.


Compressor optimization made easy

The entire Rollair 151-220 series is equipped with the advanced Airlogic T2 touchscreen controller that lets you maximize the performance and efficiency of your compressors, which further increases their uptime and reliability.

In combination with the ICONS intelligent connectivity system, which transmits compressor data and other information directly to your computer or mobile device, these controllers guarantee that you get the most out of your compressors.

For example, ICONS can notify you of potential problems before they happen and impact your production. Best of all, you can react from anywhere.

The remote monitoring system also facilitates a greener production by analyzing and optimizing your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Choose the model that is right for you

If you think that the Rollair 151VPM-220VPM may not be the ideal solution for your specific needs, then take a look at the two other models that complete the series: The Rollair 151V-220V, which features a variable speed drive, and the fixed-speed Rollair 151-220, which is a perfect fit for applications with a steady air demand.


Technical specifications  
Installed motor power 111 kW - 160 kW / 151 - 220 HP
Working pressure 4-10, 7 - 13 Bar
Capacity FAD 251.9-551.8 l/s
Noise level 77-78 Db