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Thanks to the multi-brand maintenance, take advantage of our know-how of more than 140 years.

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Worthington Creyssensac expertise at your service

Compressed air is essential to your production on a daily basis. An unavailable compressor will result in considerable costs due to lost production. It is essential to think about changing or repairing it! If your compressor is new or like-new, does not have many hours of operation, or if parts are readily available, then repair may be a viable option. With our know-how and our 140 years of experience, you can count on us to repair your compressor, no matter what brand of compressor you have!

Multi-brand maintenance

To guarantee the quality of your compressed air and to keep the performance of your production equipment, it is imperative to maintain your equipment well. Based on its expertise, Worthington Creyssensac teams are able to repair your air compressor and its accessories, regardless of the brand, source and running hours. This expertise covers the followings areas:

  • Upkeep, maintenance and repair service of all air compressor brands
  • Full maintenance of your installations
  • Regulatory control of tanks
  • Air quality control
  • Air leakage control

Our experts in action

Installation of a screw compressor - worthington creyssensac
Installation of a screw compressor - worthington creyssensac
Installation of screw compressors Rollair - worthington creyssensac