Energy audit

In the course of time, it's not unusual that the performance of the compressor room deteriorates due to inadequate maintenance or technological upgrade. It is recommended to perform a detailed audit of the equipment every 5 years. Air consumption, pressure, dew point, ventilation, air leaks, treatment of industrial discharges, etc. should be carefully checked. The audit, performed by a compressed air professional trained by WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC, brings recommendations which allow to improve the performance, reduce the energy consumption, and finally save money. The audit is organized in the following way: - Measurement, the installation analysis and the proposition of the adaptation solutions; - Plant energy study, plant load losses study, 7 days consumption analysis and compressed air system optimization; - Air leaks detection and measurement; - Air consumption analysis (the technician calculates the cost and the economic potential of the plant); - Optimization which corresponds to recommendations allowing the improvement of plant’s efficiency; - A documented report including synthesis and conclusions.

A precise and detailed audit

Skilled professionals

Optimization of equipment