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In addition to providing you with quality compressors, Worthington Creyssensac offers you solutions to optimize your production and your output!

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Worthington Creyssensac's optimization solutions

Because improvment never stops, we are always looking for better solutions and technologies. In addition to our environmental & connected solutions, we propose  you optimization solutions for even more performance. To avoid problems with your compressor, you need to think ahead! Discover our oil analyze and our shock pulse methods!


A solution to keep your machine in good condition

Having your compressor and oil serviced is essential. Depending on the machine and number of operating hours, our technicians will take a sample of oil from your compressor which will be sent to one of our laboratories. They will analyze it, and generate a report with recommendations. Depending on the particles found in the oil, servicing will be adviced (or not) to keep your compressor in good condition, avoiding unwanted breakdowns.

Oil sampling Worthington Creyssensac
SPM Worthington Creyssensac - protect your compressor




Shock Pulse Method

Our solution helps protect your compressor! The bearings generate shock pulses throughout their lifetime, then, shock pulses from the bearings are propagated through the material and picked up by the SPM sensor. Finally, by trending SPM measurements, we are able to predict a failure on the bearing.