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AIRnet, the connectors that preserve air quality

airnet - piping systems for your compressed air


As Worthington Creyssensac is committed to offering you the best products and services, we choose our partners with particular care. We work with AIRnet.

AirNet, the connectors that preserve air quality
The pneumatic circuit plays an essential role in the global performance of your compressed air. In order to preserve all the benefits of a compressed air circuit, Worthington Creyssensac recommends the AIRnet™ connectors. AIRnet, a compressed air distribution network that delivers quality air exactly where you need it, from compressor to point of use. They offer a complete compressed air distribution solution from start to finish. It is the optimum solution to produce and receive high quality air for a lower cost. Its speed of installation and simplicity are not detrimental to AIRnet’s main qualities: a durable, safe and reliable compressed air circuit. “The unique reliability of AIRnet is not just air, it constitutes a solid guarantee for 10 years.’’

✅​ Simple & fast installation ✅ Reliability, with 10 years warranty ✅ Profitability ✅ ISO 8573-1 Class O Certification