Food industry air - Class zero

Oil-free air is required when the cleanliness is vital to the process and the final product. It is normally necessary for the food industry. ISO 8573-1: 2010 classify the air purity by taking into account its concentration in particles, water, oil or gaseous and microbiological pollutants. Class 0 air is 100% oil-free, meaning its oil concentration in total is less than 0.01mg/m³. To cater to this specific air quality need, WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC lives up toits promise to offer pure air to the industry, while being among the first air compressors manufacturers to be awarded the standard ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 in 2010. Years of research and hard work allowed the company to be awarded this CLASS 0 certification for its family of oil-free rotary-screw air compressors WIS.

100% oil-free

Final product of excellent quality

Class 0 certification