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Food, Wine and Viticulture Industry

We know you need very high air quality from the beginning to the end of your production chain.

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We offer high quality compressors to Food Industry

Compressed air is an important part of the food industry processes. It is a reliable and efficient source of energy, and also keeps high quality standards. Efficient compressed air treatment solutions ensure an essential improvement of the performance and reliability of production, while reducing energy costs. With its equipment, Worthington Creyssensac offers a large choice of products that combines high performances and energy savings. Compressed air is used in many applications such as: drying and cleaning, conveyor systems, filling and more, 100% clean air, Class 0.

Choose Worthington Creyssensac for 100% oil-free and clean air, certified Class 0!

Wine and Viticulture Industry

From pruning with pneumatic secateurs, to conveyor systems for bottling, compressed air is a part of each production step in wine and viniculture. Worthington Creyssensac compressors are specifically produced to supply air to all the applications in viticulture and oenology, whatever the required level of purity. Depending on the application, correct air treatment will offer a perfectly clean and 100% quality air with the class 0 technology. 

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