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BLOCAIR BK direct drive pistons compressors

The BK range of industrial pistons compressors is available in various configurations: chassis or tank mounted, single or twin head, with or without housing. Configuration notwithstanding, you will enjoy high performance and low working speed unit, exceptional cooling performance and superior quality components, for example, a heavy cast iron cylinder, sturdy ribbed aluminum cylinder heads and high capacity cooling. In short, BK pistons are part of a range of efficient and versatile products that are easy to use and maintain. Air flow: from 8.6 to 34.1 m³/h Max. pressure: from 7 to 10 bar Available versions in this range: - 50 to 500 litres tank (depending on the product) Available options in this range: - High performance air admission filter (depending on the product) - Star-triangle start (depending on the product)


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