Non-lubricated compressed air solutions

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Oil-free quality air

Extremely clean air, 100% guaranteed oil-free. Integrated air dryer (in option) to improve the air quality and protect the air circuit against corrosion.

Energy efficiency

No more consumption when empty IE3 efficiency engine(s). Decreased global load loss on the network.

Reliability and optimized maintenance

Maintenance intervals reduced to a minimum. Reduced oil waste elimination costs Vertical configuration for ease of maintenance.

SPIRALAIR oil free compressors

Many sectors of the industry (pharmaceutical, food, electronic, textile) cannot take the chance to have oil contaminants penetrate their processes or products. For this reason, when compressed air must be used in one of these sectors, technology that can exclude any chance of contamination is a blessing. The reference standard for professionals is ISO 8573-1 (2010), in which Class 0 represents the best possible air quality. It is the only way to make sure that the air used in the processes is completely oil free, for your peace of mind: the exceptional reliability, minimal maintenance and low exploitation costs make the oil free compressors a great investment. Air flow: from 6.8 to 111.6 m³/h Max. pressure: from 8 to 10 bar Available versions in this range: - SPR2 in mono - SPR3 in mono - SPR5 in mono - SPR8 in mono - SPR10 in multi - SPR15 in multi - SPR20 in multi - SPR22 in multi - SPR30 in multi Available options in this range: - On tank solutions with internal anti-corrosion epoxy lining: o 30 liters (3 capacities of 10 liters in the housing) o 270 liters o 500 liters - Phase sequence relay - Ambient air pre-filtration: o Water separator (only on chassis without dryer, SPR compatible) - Electronic purge on air tank: o Available optionally for 270 and 500 liters models


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