The compressed air solution for off-site applications

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Easy access and usage

Easy transportation
Easy maintenance with its direct drive
Reduced footprint

Wide range of compressors

Double energy compressors (electric & pneumatic)
Diesel or gasoline
On chassis or tank

Easy to transport

Pneumatic wheels
Metal hoops

The compressed air solution for off-site applications

The WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC’s engineAIR range of solutions give you total freedom and great flexibility in every situation.
Thanks to their small footprint, the chassis versions give a lot of freedom of location and are easy to integrate inan existing configuration.
The portable versions offer maximum flexibility thanks to their large wheels allowing easy transportation, even on rugged terrain.
Give yourself all the benefits of a flexible solution, efficient and reliable when you choose your engineAIR compressor for your specific needs.

Available versions in this range:
EngineAIR 4/100 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5/50 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5/100 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5/200 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5/11+11 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5/11+11R Gasoline
EngineAIR 7/25+25R Gasoline
EngineAIR 7/270 Gasoline
EngineAIR 11/270 Gasoline
EngineAIR 8/270 Diesel
EngineAIR 11/270 Diesel
BI engineAIR 8/270 Diesel 2.2KvA
BI engineAIR 11/270 Diesel 2.2KvA
EngineAIR 4 Gasoline
EngineAIR 5 Gasoline
EngineAIR 7 Gasoline
EngineAIR 11 Gasoline
EngineAIR 12 Gasoline
EngineAIR 8 Diesel
EngineAIR 11 Diesel
EngineAIR 12 Diesel
BI engineAIR 8 Diesel 2.2KvA
BI engineAIR 11 Diesel 2.2KvA
BI engineAIR 12 Diesel 3KvA


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