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For easy equipment installation, Worthington Creyssensac team offers a complete and all-inclusive installation!

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Quality compressed air installations

Entrust us with your compressed air installation!

Worthington Creyssensac's team intervenes across the entire country to install your compressed air project! All our technicians all trained to Worthington Creyssensac's processes. Whatever your machine, we can intervene and meet your needs, whether it is a lubricated screw air compressor, an oil free compressor, a piston compressor, refrigeration or adsorption dryers...

From the needs analysis to the integration, start-up and optimization, we ensure that equipment is operational and totally efficient. Worthington Creyssensac installers are well prepared to supervise all the work on site. This expertise thus ensures complete and all-inclusive installation, including the supply of the equipment, setting it up as well as electrical and pneumatic connections. These technicians have the necessary clearances to act on any site, including nuclear plants!

Depending on your needs, we will provide a team of technicians who will understand what you want, and carry out an installation of quality, in full safety!

Worthington Creyssensac's expertise & know-how

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