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ICONS, the smart connected system for your compressors.

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Connect my machine with ICONS

ICONS: wherever you are, whenever you want! Always faster, more efficient and more ergonomic!

Simple and effective:

Machine status, uptime or machine efficiency - all the information you need is on ICONS. If service is required, you will be notified immediately to schedule maintenance. A link is provided to contact your compressor supplier to obtain a service quote. This way, you can take action before the risk of failure becomes real.

Custom made:

Thanks to intelligent algorithms and our expertise in compressed air, data from your compressors and other equipment are analyzed in no time. In order to improve the availability of your machines and save energy, recommendations are generated in ICONS.

Anywhere and at any time:

No more maintenance logs! All information provided by ICONS is available from your computer, tablet or smartphone! One click is all it takes to check the maintenance status of your air compressor.

To summarize, ICONS is an efficient solution offering you a visibility of your machine park:

  • Reading of the parameters of your machines
  • Monthly statement of the status of your machines
  • Request a quote online
  • Visibility of upcoming maintenance
  • Display of load rates, hours on load, off load, etc
  • Alerts by SMS or email to several contacts*.
  • Setting of trigger alerts (temperature, pressure, etc.)*

*Instead of checking logbooks for maintenance or regularly inspecting the compressor room, you can view the status of the compressor remotely with a single click. With ICONS, you benefit from an optimized installation and minimize the impact on your production!