Adsorption dryers

Suitable for all applications using compressed air.

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Worthington Creyssensac absorption dryers

Extremely dry air with dew points of up to -70°C for most demanding applications!

Adsorption dryer

Extruded boiler-made tanks


Clean and dry air | Easy installation | 
User-friendly operation | Cost-efficient solution | 

For all applications using compressed air


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One of the most efficient range of adsorption dryers of the market

Increase your productivity and reliability while reducing your costs with our range of adsorption dryers. They efficiently eliminate moisture from your airnet providing dry air of a very high quality.

This is necessary in environments with temperatures below the freezing point or for most demanding applications, such as the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and optical/glass/crystal industries, or for work on integrated circuits, for example, where extremely dry air with dew points of -20°C, -40°C or even -70°C is necessary.

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