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AIRNET - Air circuit

Thanks to AIRnet, an air circuit can be set up in an instant

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Air network with AIRnet

AIRnet offers a complete compressed air distribution solution from start to finish. We are constantly expanding our range and improving our products to ensure that your distribution network is as efficient as possible.

New stainless steel piping system

The AIRnet mission is to provide turnkey distribution solutions from "Generation to Point of use" to our customers. Keeping in mind the stringent requirements of different industries, AIRnet Stainless Steel ensures 100% compliance with the highest quality standards. The new fittings are characterised by stainless steel and the assembly is done using press fit system.

Point of use accessories

The aim of these accessories is to ensure the highest efficiency of the distribution network, to protect the downstream equipment and to complement the performance of the compressed air equipment. The accessories regard: Hose reel, automatic drains, regulators, pneumatic air gun, universal quick release couplings, filter & regulator with or without lubricator, spiral hoses, flexible rubber hose, pu hose.