Line filters

Suitable for all applications using compressed air.

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Worthington Creyssensac line filters

Our new series surpasses all conventional filters in the market, proving to be Worthington Creyssensac’s most advanced filter yet! 


Different sizes | Six fitration grades


Low cost of ownership | Reliable filtration | Certified performance | 
Improve operation conditions | Product safety | User-friendly | Modular |
and more !

For all applications using compressed air


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Air filters built to boost your industrial air applications

Untreated compressed air contains dirt and particles that must be filtered out to protect your air-powered equipment as well as your final products. However, filters also affect your air system performance and efficiency. That is why Worthington Creyssensac set out to create a new, innovative filter range that is comprehensive and dynamic, energy-efficient and comes with lowest maintenance possible.

Unrivalled performance

Worthington Creyssensac filters were designed to deliver on performance and energy savings. They offer you unrivalled performance thanks to their high-quality components! Indeed, our components ensure perfect sealing within the filter housing and assist with easy removal, provide corrosion resistance, and deliver strength and stability to the element, prevent oil carryover and improves coalescence performance and much more!