Cast iron & slow speed - Pixair (from 2 to 15 HP)

The compressed air solution for off-site applications.

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Pixair - compressors slow speed built with cast iron components

Built with cast iron components, our Pixair is efficiently cooled, and it's very slow rotation speed contributes to a very low wear rate! It will not disappoint you!

A piston compressor from 2 to 15 HP

Chassis | Tank | Silenced units


Unique two-stage design | 
Low noise level | Long life

Handcrafting | Metal Processing
& transformation | Industrial productions


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Reliable and robust cast iron compressors

From do-it-yourselfers to industrial users, the Pixair range compressors cover your compressed air needs! 

We have designed compressors entirely made of cast iron. Its low speed contributes to low wear and tear, high reliability, and a much lower noise level than a traditional compressor.

On top of that, it has an extraordinary lifespan! Due to the high quality of the components and the assembly, the Pixair range with its high level mechanical design, is designed to provide a long service life!

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Worthington Creyssensac offer you the best options for your compressed air production. This is why we propose many versions and options in this compressors range! 

Available versions:

  • On chassis compressors 10 to 15 bar pressure
  • On tank compressors 10 to 15 bar pressure
  • On chassis soundproof compressors 10 to 15 bar pressure
  • On tank noise cancelling compressors 10 to 15 bar pressure

Available options:

  • DD Direct start
  • ET Star-triangle start