Industrial - BH/BK/BL (from 2 to 20 HP)

The compressed air solution for industrial needs.

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Compressors BLOCAIR -  industrial pistons

Worthington Creyssensac’s range combines top-quality design and performance with maximum operational flexibility. Giving you the very best in compressed air reliability and low cost of ownership, a BH, BK or BL is your wisest choice and a smart investment! 

A piston compressor from 2 to 20 HP

Chassis | Tank | Oil-free | Sound insulation box  


High reliability | Low maintenance costs |
Impressive performance | A flexible choice

Industrial production | Automotive industry | Aeronautics industry |
Military industry | Water & waste treatment | Packaging & wrapping | Engineering


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Superior Quality & Top Performance

The BH, BK and BL models offer ease of use and efficiency, but they also adapt to your changing compressed air requirements! 

Here are some benefits: 

  • They offer you a premium reliability: they are built to perform in extreme conditions and under high working pressures, they are designed with high-quality materlials and offer you low maintenance costs. Reducing costs has been an important factor in the design of our Blocair range, which is why the main components contribute to reducing operating costs.
  •  An impressive performance: they can be used continuously without interruption or reduction in component life. On top of that, they are equipped with start/stop technology which eliminates waste during the vacuum cycle!
  • Energy savings: thanks to its components, our range delivers big energy savings compared to simple standard compressors. 


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If you don't know what to choose, let us guide you!

Oil-lubricated BH: 
If you are looking for robustness, premium quality efficiency,  a long lifetime, then the oil-injected BH is for you. The single-stage BH offers minimal operating temperatures, oil carryover, and vibrations for optimal operation.

Oil-free BK:
Are you looking for 100% clear air? It is the ideal compressor for applications that require absolutely clean air. Thanks to its oil-free technology, the BK is 100% guaranteed free of oil vapors, aerosols and other lubricant contaminants.

High-pressure BL:
If you are looking for outsanding durability and efficiency, this one is for you! Oil-injected BL is the right solution for high-pressure applications such as laser cutting, PET blowing, stress testing, and plastic forming.