Why is saving energy important

Did you know that energy management accounts for more than 70% of the operating and owning costs?

Saving energy is important for your business as it helps you to make your business more efficient as well as helping you gain value in many different ways. Worthington Creyssensac can help you become more energy efficient helping to reduce energy bills, reduce your costs and comply with environmental legislation.

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How can Worthington Creyssensac help you?

At Worthington Creyssensac we aim to make production as easy and efficient as possible. With products like our variable speed air compressors, energy box and our IPM Technology . Worthington Creyssensac can help reduce your carbon footprint and also reduce your energy bills.

Our energy efficient variable speed compressors are a great way to reduce your use of energy by matching the air supply with the demand ultimately improving your productivity whilst staying reliable. Our variable speed air compressors can save up to 35% of energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent.

Rollair range

Worthington Creyssensac - Rollair 40-60 left side

Energy range

Energy recovery box




Our Rollair 40-50 V PM is the ultimate screw compressor perfect for cost efficiency, reliability, and low noise. The Rollair 40-50 V PM uses our iPM technology for major energy savings.

The Rollair 151-220 V PM delivers you reliable and cost effective performance whilst giving you peace of mind. This also has our iPM technology allowing you to enjoy unrivalled energy savings.





Worthington Creyssensac’s Energy box Is a great way to make huge energy savings, the energy box can transfer up to 94% of the electric energy into heat which then can be released into the atmosphere. 

Add Ons

Worthington Creyssensac has developed ICONS. ICONS is the connectivity solution improving your machine’s reliability and efficiency by offering real time monitoring so you can stay updated on your compressors status detecting failures early ultimately avoiding future breakdowns.

Our ECOntrol is our new central controller system which allows you to control and monitor your compressor. The ECOntrol allows you to obtain energy and cost savings through unload cycles as well as a decrease in the pressure band resulting in reduced energy and leakages.

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