WisAIR - oil-free rotary screw compressor

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Oil-free quality air

Extremely clean air Integrated air dryer (optional) to improve the air quality and protect the air system against corrosion

Energy efficiency

The most energy efficient compression Integrated varialbe speed technology Direct driven possibilities

Exceptional reliability

Friction-free hydrodynamic ball bearings, lubricated with clean water. Robust materials that exclude all risk of corrosion

WISAIR oil free compressors

Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries as well as the electronic and textile sectors cannot have the risk of oil contamination in their processes. For this reason, it is essential that the compressed air is 100% oil-free. The standard used is ISO 8573-1 (2010), in which Class 0 means the highest air purity. It is the only way to guarantee oil-free air for your critical processes, and have peace of mind. Exceptional reliability, low maintenance and exploitation costs make the oil-free compressors lucrative investments. Air flow: from 78 to 504 m³/h Max. pressure: from 7 to 12.5 bar Available versions in this range: - WIS 20V - WIS 25V - WIS 30V - WIS 40V - WIS 50V - WIS 75V - WIS 40 - WIS 50 - WIS 60 - WIS 75 Available options in this range: - Over-supply pump - Flange entry - Anchor pads - Dryer bypass for uninterrupted production - Water stop valve - Cutter - Computer accessories