Unique two-stage design

Excellent output
Reduced footprint
Access to 15 bar pressure

Low noise level

Cast iron design
Low rotation speed
Can be moved near the operators

Impossibly long life

Manufactured with intensive, long usage in mind
High component quality
Manufacturing process quality

The compressed air solution for your every need - PIXAIR

Worthington Creyssensac has the ideal air compressors for all your tasks, from home improvement to professional activities, whether you need to inflate tires, blow air, grind or tighten.
Our professional pistons compressors DIXAIR, DNX and DNXPRO are part of a range of products that are safe and easy to use, available in a wide choice of configurations tailored to meet your every specific needs.

Available versions in this range:
- On chassis compressors – 10 to 15 bar pressure
- On tank compressors – 10 to 15 bar pressure
- On chassis soundproof compressors – 10 to 15 bar pressure
- On tank noise cancelling compressors – 10 to 15 bar pressure

Available options in this range:
- DD Direct start
- ET Star-triangle start


  • Pixair - cast iron piston leaflet 12.8 MB, PDF